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Making a Difference

The Para Section started up in September 2021 after a lot of persuasion. The first training sessions took part at Strikers on a Friday night. We had eight for the first session,  all of whom are still part of the team. My trusted friend, Vic Phil was on hand to coach, and we were later joined by Juan, Andrew, Iain. The group slowly grew too big for Strikers, and we moved to the Aberdeen Sports Village on a Saturday morning. The participants number is now at 28. Over the two years we have held our own tournaments in the Aberdeen Sports Village and reached a national final. The players have been to watch Manchester City and hopefully Newcastle next year. Alot of work fundraising and organising is down to George and Colleen organising the trips. We also started up a younger section for primary school children as well, which has slowly grown to 12 players. None of this would have been possible without the support of a lot of people working hard in the background.

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